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GM Engineering takes the pain away from businesses requiring installation and commissioning of plant & machinery for a comprehensive range of industries UK wide such as Timber & Boards (MDF, Chipboard etc.), Steel, Cement, Food Manufacturing & Processing.

Solutions & Services

GM Engineering can operate outside the standard working hours and can accommodate night and shift working as well as weekends; this allows an installation that suits the clients’ requirements.

Since 2014 we have worked with OEMs across the globe requiring professional services to minimise the cost and also any associated inconvenience linked to the installation required for the customer, either working direct for the OEM ,or alternatively directly with the end client requiring the installation and commissioning.

In short we make light work of a potential stressful & time consuming requirement and enable our customers to leave the installation challenges to us, allowing them to continue to trade successfully and profitably at the same time.


About Us

We offer a knowledgeable and exact professional service that can assist with area such as the initial offloading of the machinery itself including heavy lifting when required, floor marking & installation positioning checks, the alignment & fine detail levelling of machinery, connection to services & utilities required and all associated M & E services.

In such projects we are with the customer from start to finish and oversee and project manage the complete operation, with military precision, and as little interference in the core business as possible.